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Lumière Light Therapy

Long recognized in the European medical community and rapidly gaining acceptance with doctors in the United States, Light Emitting Diode Light Therapy has now emerged at the forefront of spa technology. Lumière combines light therapy with topical skincare products and dietary supplements to offer the first complete, naturally advanced skincare regime for facial rejuvenation. Safe, convenient and clinically proven, Lumière works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of chronological and photo-aging. Lumière provides an integrated approach to promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin. The total regime is designed such that each component of the program is specifically developed to systematically work in combination with the other components, therefore leveraging the entire system to maximize efficacy rates. The patented Lumière Light-Therapy device uses an array of carefully arranged LEDs to deliver pure, uniform, narrow-band red light. Lumière Topical Skincare offers premium, physician-grade skincare products. Lumière Nutraceuticals provide FDA-compliant dietary supplementation.

Clients of Lumière report benefits that include an overall lifting and hydrating effect, an improvement in skin tone and texture, an evening out of pigmentation, a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and a feeling of well being and relaxation.

Repair Package (Near-Infrared Light) $45 for two treatments a week. (Normally $75)
Red LEDs and invisible infrared LEDS wash over you and help to counteract the effects of aging by reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. For reducing pore size, lightening age spots, evening out skin pigmentation and reducing appearance of crows feet. 

Firming Package
 (Red Light) $45 for two treatments a week. (Normally $75)
The Red Light is for clients who wish prevent or treat periorbital wrinkles, as well as improve elasticity in the skin. 

Acne Package
 (Blue Light) $45 for two treatments a week. (Normally $75)
The Blue Light is for problematic complexions and helps to purge clogged pores, balance complexion, and soothe irritated skin. This gentle light therapy kills bacteria in the skin resulting in a clear complexion. 

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